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As from Kent Police - 11 October 2017


Kent Police warn residents about the latest courier fraud which involves criminals pretending to be Police Officers to persuade victims into buying a valuable item which they must hand over to a taxi driver or courier.


The Rolex watch courier fraud - how it works  

•The criminal calls or visits the resident claiming to be a Police Officer.

•They tell the resident they have been a victim of some type of fraud and they need to help the Police with their enquiry.

•The resident is told their bank account is being used by criminals. To help with the investigation they need to withdraw money and buy a valuable item, like a Rolex watch.  

•The criminal arranges for a taxi driver or courier to collect the item which will be used as evidence in the investigation.

•The resident is told they will be refunded when the investigation is over.  

•The courier is also a criminal involved in the fraud.  


What to do  

•Hang up if you receive one of these calls.  

•If they are at your door politely say you need to go and close the door.  If you are worried contact a friend or neighbour and tell them about the visitor.  

•If you think you have been a victim of this fraud contact the Police.


REMEMBER: The Police will NEVER ask for cash, valuables or PIN numbers.  


As from Trading Standards - 12 October 2017

Kent Trading Standards warn residents about criminals pretending to be Trading Standards officers to defraud vulnerable victims out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.


How it works  •The criminal visits or calls residents who have previously been victims of crime claiming to be a Trading Standards officer using false identification.

•They tell the resident that following a Trading Standards investigation into their previous complaint they are entitled to compensation.

•They tell the resident they need to pay some money to release the compensation awarded by the Court.

•Some residents are being told they must also pay the VAT that wasn’t paid from the original crime

What to do •Tell the caller you need to speak to a friend or relative and hang up.

•If they are at your door politely say you need to speak to a friend or relative and close the door.  


REMEMBER: Trading Standards will NEVER ask for cash and you would NEVER be asked to pay money to receive compensation.  



WARNING: Telephone callers may insist you hang up and check their ID by calling a number they give to you.  This is part of the fraud. Criminals stay on the line and pretend to be Trading Standards to verify the caller.  Report these calls to Kent Police at your local Police station.