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As from Kent Public Protection - 4 September 2020



Kent Residents Targeted by PayPal Scams


These PayPal scams include:


"A suspicious PayPal payment has been made if this was not you, please verify your information here"


"You've been paid."


"You need to accept our new terms and conditions to avoid suspension."



An email from PayPal WILL:


  • Come from A sender like "PayPal Service ([email protected])" is not a message from PayPal. But sophisticated scammers can sometimes fake the full name, so look for other clues.


  • Address you by your first and last names, or your business name.


An email from PayPal WON'T:


  • Ask you for sensitive information like your password, or credit card number.


  • Contain any attachments or ask you to download or install any software.


Read the PayPal advice on avoiding scams.


Please warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.