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As from KCC Public Protection: 5 December 2018


Doorstep Criminal Impersonating A Police Officer



We've received reports of a male doorstep criminal who is impersonating a Police Officer in the Herne Bay area.


How It Works

•The resident was shown a fake ID.

•The criminal claimed to be following up on a company that completed work for the resident 6 years ago.

•He stated that the company did not pay any VAT and the resident was now liable.

•The resident was told if they didn’t pay, they would have to go to court.



What To Do


•Call Kent Police on 101 to check the identity of the cold caller

•Do not open the door until this has been confirmed.

•If an officer is genuine they will happily wait.

•If they are not who they say they are it will alert the police to the doorstep criminal.

Warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours living in the area.


If you feel afraid or threatened by a doorstep caller, phone 999.