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Consumer Advice

Are you unhappy with any goods or services that you have received? Are you paying too much for electricity or gas? Do you think you have been missold a policy? Was your holiday hotel as the brochure suggested? Are you unhappy with the services or quality of your building work?


If you think that you are being scammed or are concerned that you might have been targeted, come and see us.


We can advise you on your consumer rights on these or any other problems.


When you come in to discuss it would be useful to have the following information:


The Product

Details of the product


Who sold it to you

If you bought it online, details of the website

What store you bought it in

The date of purchase

If it was a holiday, a copy of the brochure or the description of the holiday.


Trading standards has advice on scams operating in the local area, if you think you or someone you know has fallen victim to a scam please come and see us.