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Mike MacKenzie, appointed as a Trustee on 12 September 2012 and Chairman on 5 April 2018 has lived in  Brenchley for over 35 years.


Martin Pengelley, appointed as Deputy Chairman on 26 March 2012, was born in Tunbridge Wells  and  lives  in Capel. Martin has an MA from Dundee University, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has worked in finance for over 30 years.


David Ritchie, appointed as a Trustee on 15 July 2015 and taking the role of Treasurer, has lived in Hunton, near Paddock Wood, since 2002.  David is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in finance and industry.


Simon Marston, appointed as a Trustee on 26 March 2012, started his career in the family publishing business after which he spent 34 years employed in various senior roles at one of the country’s premier printing companies. Since taking early retirement in 2004, Simon has run a small bed & breakfast business in Brenchley where he has lived for 42 years. Simon is also a Trustee of Brenchley Memorial Hall Charity.


Veronica Warner, known as Ronnie, was appointed as a Trustee on 3 December 2015.  Ronnie has lived in Paddock Wood for thirty years.  She is a member of PW and District Lioness Club and on the committee of the Paddock Wood Hospice in the Weald Friends’ Group. She is Company Secretary of The Fresca Group and plays Oboe and Cor Anglais in a local Concert Band.  She was appointed Company Secretary for Paddock Wood Community Advice Centre on 4 April 2017.