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Homelessness Advice

Are you sleeping rough? Are you or your family sleeping on a friend's sofa? Have you or your family been made homeless or are you in danger of being made homeless? Have you or your family not eaten for a few days? Have you or your family been placed in temporary accommodation?


We offer help and advice on these problems.


If you have insufficient funds for your weekly food shop we can refer you to a local food bank.


If you are coming in to see us the following information might be of use to us:


Accommodation Details

Tenancy Agreements

Repossession Orders

Eviction Orders

Bailiff letters

Letters from your landlord

Details of mortgages and any letters from the mortgage provider



Details of Income

Bank statements

Pay slips

Pensions slips

Savings Accounts



If you are unemployed and homeless you may not have any documents, but we can still help. We have contacts with local homelessness charities who may be able to assist you.