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Benefits Advice

If you think you are not receiving all the benefits you are entitled to then please contact us.  This may be because you have found yourself in an unfamiliar situation through no fault of your own and you are in need of extra income.

For example, you may be entitled to extra benefits if you are caring for a relative or a friend. The benefit system is there to help you.


We can advise you if:


- Your circumstances have change or your benefits have been stopped

- You are struggling to understand your Award Notices

- You have been turned down for a benefit

- You have received notice of an overpayment of a benefit


We have specialist advisers who can aid you in completing forms.


We also have a specialist benefit calculator which can identify extra income that you may be entitled to for example tax credits or pension credit.


We are happy to help you to ask for a mandatory reconsideration if you are turned down for a benefit and we rmay be able to represent you at Benefit Tribunals.


We can also help with a blue badge application, please call to let us know that you require a form.


If you would like to come in to see us and discuss benefits, please bring the following documents with you:


Details of Income

Bank statements

Pay slips

Pension slips

Savings Accounts

Benefit Award Notices



Tenancy Agreements and Mortgage documents

Council Tax letters


Medical Information

Hospital or Doctor letters relating to your condition



Your National Insurance Number

Details of redundancy notices

Dismissal Letters