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Pension Credit - Can You Claim It?

Did you know that nearly a million households entitled to Pension Credit have not claimed it?

We are encouraging pensioners in the area to find out about the Pension Credit they may be missing out on.

Pension Credit is designed to help with daily living costs for people over State Pension age and on a low income, although you do not need to be in receipt of State Pension to receive it. It tops up a person’s income to a minimum of £182.60 per week for single pensioners or £278.70 for couples.

Even a small award can provide access to a wide range of other benefits – such as help with housing costs, council tax or heating bills. For those over 75, this includes continued entitlement to a free TV licence.

You may also get extra amounts if you have other responsibilities for example caring for someone. Lots of people could be missing out on Pension Credit because they wrongly think they are not eligible. Having savings, a pension or owning a home are not necessarily barriers to receiving Pension Credit.

If you would like our help, then please contact us or drop in Monday-Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm.

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