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Finances, Pets and Energy Vouchers

Have your finances been affected by the cost-of- living crisis? Perhaps you are worried about how you will pay your rent, utility bills or you need help budgeting? You might be threatened with bailiffs, court action or homelessness?

Our experienced advisers are available to provide face to face free, confidential, and impartial advice in relation to money and debt using these five steps:

Step 1 - Gather information for each debt

Step 2 - Check which ones are priority debts

Step 3 - Work out what you can afford to pay

Step 4 - Negotiate with your creditors for priority debts

Step 5 - Negotiate with your creditors for non-priority debts

We can sit down with you and draw up a financial statement using income and expenditure figures supplied by you. We can advise you how to budget. Where appropriate we can discuss options including bankruptcy, debt relief orders, debt management plans, administration orders, debt consolidation and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). We can also advise you on whether you can access benefits or grants to increase your household income. We can negotiate with your creditors and access the Debt Respite scheme which gives eligible people with problem debt, including those experiencing mental health problems, legal protection from action by their creditors for a period of time known as ‘Breathing Space’.

£400 Vouchers issued by energy suppliers to help with bills over the winter are going unclaimed. Read more at

If you are a pet owner facing financial hardship, please have a look at some ways to keep your pets healthy and well fed at

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